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Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff —
Chilbolton Update #1,
A Knock On The Door?

YOWUSA.COM, 10-September-01
James van der Worp

In our article: Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff — Chilbolton Crop Circles A ‘Quantum Leap' In Design, we examined the these incredible crop circles, which seem to be found with increasing frequency these days.  In this our second interview with Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff, we examine the possibility that this is a "knock on the door" and what this could means for all of us.

Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff, is a Dutch physicist with a strong interest in this phenomenon, albeit a criticizing one. He chairs the DCCCS,the Dutch Center for Crop Circle Study, the oldest research group in The Netherlands on this topic. It was established in 1994 by ex-chairman Herman Hegge and has a current number of 25 active volunteer members. The group's objective is to study crop circles using the most  scientifically sound methods known.

He's currently still studying the likelihood of a deeper meaning behind the Chilbolton Circles. In the interview, we asked him for his views on any possible messages being hidden in the circles and what to look for first in the circles that were found.

  • Jacco van der Worp:If, for a moment, we were to assume that they'd been proven genuine, what would be your interpretation of the "messages" found in these circles? Not just in the Chilbolton ones as their meaning seems to be clear, but in general, do you think there are messages to mankind hidden in the circles? If so, why and if not, why not? 
  • Dr Eltjo Haselhoff: If there are messages, and I am convinced there are, regardless the source of the crop circles, I believe there are at least two different kinds:  

    One sort of message is, very clearly, an attempt to express the concept of consciousness and intelligence, in a very basic language. Here I do not refer  to the beautiful pictograms that appear each year, but rather to the apparently simple diagrams made out of circles, rings and bars. I use to call these "type II formations".  These pictograms have been shown many times to contain basic but sophisticated mathematical theorems, that do not have a trivial origin - they were created on purpose. The interesting thing is that this information is hidden in the diagrams, and can only be revealed after a quite tedious analysis.  

    King of Terror

    The second type of message is quite different, and this is all much more speculative. But if there is a message hidden in the pictograms, I am quite confident that it is not a structural, ordinary language, but rather a communication with the human subconscious part of the brain. So there is no code to crack, all you have to do is simply look at the pictograms to have the messages deposit in the back of your head.

    Chilbolton 2001Many agree with me that most of the pictograms are quite mystical (again, I mainly refer to the "type II" pictograms). They have something very strange, something bizarre, something that makes you keep looking at them. The interesting thing is, that this affect disappears as soon as you change any little detail in the pictograms. For example change the angle of a bar or the diameter of a ring and the effect is gone. Whoever makes these things, they have been very careful designed to be in resonance with human perception. That is quite an accomplishment.

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  • Jacco van der Worp: Why does it seem that the frequency of crop circles seems to increase over the last ten years? There have been scattered reports of these circles before, but since the beginning of the 90's their number has been greatly increasing? Do you have any ideas on this? 
  • Dr Eltjo Haselhoff: The frequency of REPORTED crop circles has increased. I wonder if the frequency of occurrences has increased as much as many think. Ten years ago we did not have the Internet and e-mail. There was much less public awareness. If a farmer found a crop circle, he did not know what to do. Today, crop circles are on the web the same morning they appear (including aerial photo + GPS coordinates.)  The world is much smaller today.
  • Jacco van der Worp: In the case the circles do have an ET origin: Over the years, crop circles have become increasingly ophisticated. In your view, is this because     the makers (The ETs) are monitoring our broadcasts more closely and taking a greater interest? For example, President Bush has just said that the US is following a  unilateral timetable on withdrawal from the Salt treaty, so that the US can militarize space. Could it be that these messages are in direct response to that action. Could the  ETs be concerned that we're taking weapons into space and pushing to make contact against the will of our government? Could the circles actually be warning us not to take things too far?
  • Dr Eltjo Haselhoff: In case these things are made by ETs, I think the advance in design is done on purpose. If they had made the 2001 Milk Hill formation fifteen years ago, it would have caused worldwide panic. Today, we don't even bother to do a single mouse click on our PC if a formation has less than thirty components or measures less than 50 meters. Clearly, it is a process leading to a gradual, 'adiabatic' change of human mentality. I doubt if this has to do with politics on earth though. I think it would be part of a much larger plan. I would imagine our political leaders are probably just minor entities in the eyes of any ET that manages to create crop circles. 
  • Jacco van der Worp: Assuming that this is a formal contact, will actual contact with aliens on a significant and observable scale happen soon? Is this event a precursor to a more formal contact? Could an external civilization actually be preparing us for encounter without startling us too much? 
  • Dr Eltjo Haselhoff: That is very hard to say. As soon as you involve extraterrestrials, it is well possible that their reasoning is so different from ours that we cannot even imagine it. Perhaps their perception of *time* is so different that all the crop circles that have appeared since the Middle Ages are to them as as much as a knock on the door means to us. So human reasoning is not at all guaranteed to be of any value when you talk about extraterrestrials, and that makes these questions almost impossible to answer. However, if these extraterrestrials are very much like us, or perhaps are even human (but 50,000 years or so more developed) and they understand our psychology, then yes, I assume this would be a good way to slowly adapt a orthodox society to the idea that there is more than just quarks and quantum physics.  

    On the other hand, perhaps these circles are not at all meant for us. Did you ever notice trees in the woods with yellow crosses painted on the bark? Imagine the bugs walking on the bark thinking: "wow, this is too strange a shape to be a natural phenomenon, and it is too large to be bug-made. What could it mean?" And then one day the lumberjack comes and cut the trees down...

The Chilbolton crop circles may or may not have a deeper meaning. If they are legitimate, so not made by men and women out to get a laugh and some publicity, then perhaps a higher intelligence is trying to tell us something.

Chilbolton 2001 w/Telescope

We don't know what yet, but there may be a message for us in there. On the other hand, as Dr. Haselhoff suggests already, the message may be just the marking cross on the tree stem, marking to be cut down. A message not meant for us at all. But if that is the case, cut down by what then? And when?

If they are legitimate, then the point of ‘first contact' may be very near. Man may then soon meet other intelligent life. All we can do to find out is study the circles conscientiously and objectively and thus hope to find an answer to the questions that arise from the circles. Study done by the likes of Dr. Haselhoff. 

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